What IS 3D Scanning?

Scan is Performed by our Licensed Technician

Using a Matterport Pro3 Camera, our technician scans the entire target area.

The Pro3 takes 360-Photos while emitting 20,000 LiDAR lasers per second to capture spatial data up to 100 yards away.

Captured Data is Uploaded to Matterport for Processing

After editing the raw scans, our Technician uploads the scans to Matterport for stitching. 

LiDAR data is overlaid with the 360 Degree photos to create an accurate Virtual Model.

Virtual Tour is Assembled and Ready for Use!

After receiving the processed scan, we then assemble your Virtual Tour. We use Mattertags to highlight your chosen features, create marketplace links, and add any extra photos or videos.

Scans are hosted by Matterport to allow for easy sharing through a simple URL link.

What can a Virtual Tour 

be Used For?!

Industrial Applications

This is where Real Capture and Design first recognized the potential of 3D scanning. With a Virtual Tour, companies can improve the way they conduct inventory, provide more efficient training, and decrease their cost of operation. Maintenance schedules can be created and managed using Notes.  Important Operational and Safety Information is Highlighted using Mattertags.  Links to Material Safety Data Sheets and other important information are easy to access directly from the 3D scan. 

Construction Uses

There is no better way to document the current state of a project than with our Matterport 3D Scan. A Virtual Walkthrough is invaluable for long distance investors, project managers, and current trades working on the project. Double check measurements and identify any potential issues before they become a bigger problem, saving time and money. Create an accurate record of utility locations for the owner before the wall finish is installed. We provide accurate As-Built data that can be used with Revit or AutoCAD, drastically decreasing survey time necessary on site.

Real Estate

Matterport is the most recognized name in Real Estate when it comes to 3D Scanning and Virtual Tours. 

Now the Pro3 Camera takes the evolution on the Digital Twin even farther. Crisper images, more accurate measurements, faster scan time with longer distances. 

These along with First-Class Customer Service allow Real Capture and Design to provide you with the most value for your Real Estate listing dollar. 


Education is enhanced with 3D Scanning and Virtual Tours. A Virtual Tour allows Museums and Historical sites to never close their doors. Educational Institutes and their Libraries can be accessed in Virtual Reality, from anywhere in the world and at any time. 

Reduce cost of travel by bringing the experience to your classrooms with VR Headsets or any Monitor or Projector Screen. 

Provide new students with an interactive map of the campus to better learn their way around.   


A 3D Scan and Matterport Virtual Tour can increase your bookings by over 16%.

Highlight your venue to prospective clients and reduce site visits by providing and interactive model of your space online. 

Showcase your amenities to renters and allow them to familiarize themselves with your property before even arriving. This limits questions once on site.

Increase guest safety by providing Virtual Training for your staff in the event of an emergency.